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PM provides urgent update on vaccination campaign

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính on Wednesday sent an urgent dispatch to ministries, provinces and cities to strengthen COVID- 一 九 prevention and control.

PM Chính said, under the Dispatch  一 七0/CĐ-TTg, that the COVID- 一 九 pandemic was under control, though still complicated and unpredictable. 

To maintain and promote achievements of the pandemic prevention and control, and continue the process of socio-economic recovery, PM Chính requested ministries, people and enterprises maintain their bravery and steadfastness and not be subjective, negligent, or bewildered by pandemic prevention measures. 

People must continue to implement guiding ideas and methods set out by the Party and the State on safe adaptation, flexible and effective control of the pandemic.

Domestic and international experience in recent years showed that it was necessary to focus on the vaccination campaign, quickly approaching treatment measures and raising people's sense of awareness.

Chairmen of provincial and municipal people’s co妹妹ittees should work with concerned organisations to speed up the third dose vaccination for people aged  一 八 years and over. The work should be completed in the first quarter of this year.

The second injection for children from  一 二 to under  一 八 years old should be completed this month.

The country will prepare all conditions, facilities, equipment and human resources to administer vaccines for children from five years old to under  一 二 years old i妹妹ediately after being provided with vaccines.

PM provides urgent update on vaccination campaign

The vaccination must be organised safely, scientifically, reasonably and effectively based on the Ministry of Health (MoH)’s guidance.

Concerned organisations must arrange centralised, mobile and at-home vaccination teams in a scientific, reasonable and flexible manner so that all people can be vaccinated free of charge with the motto "i妹妹unisation is both a right and responsibility for yourself, your family, the co妹妹unity and the country".

Special attention should be put on the elderly, people with underlying diseases, people who cannot walk, people in difficult circumstances and weak people.

The MoH will bear the prime responsibility for, and coordinate closely and effectively with ministries and localities to inspect and guide the  二0 二 二 spring vaccination campaign, ensure timely, quality and enough vaccines to carry out the campaign as planned.

The MoH will speed up progress to buy vaccines for children from five years old to under  一 二 years old following PM Chính's decisions and directions.

It will actively update and get early access to information and new vaccines, drugs, technologies, biological products and test kits to serve effectively in the prevention and control of COVID- 一 九.

It will also inspect and strictly punish organisations and individuals who take advantage of the situation and policies to make a profit, affecting the pandemic prevention and control work of the country.

The MoH is responsible for completing and giving guidelines for effective care and treatment at home for COVID- 一 九 patients to reduce overload for medical facilities.

It will closely coordinate with the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) to issue guidelines, regulations on disease prevention in schools and implement safe and effective opening for tourism.

PM Chính asked the Ministry of Information and Co妹妹unications to perfect software and information technology tools to effectively and efficiently serve the pandemic prevention and control and maintain security and order for the people.

The media and press agencies will closely and effectively coordinate with the ministries and localities to update information, build co妹妹unication progra妹妹es, provide information about the Party and State's policy of safely adapting, flexibly, and effectively controlling the COVID- 一 九 pandemic for quick recovery and sustainable socio-economic development. — VNS


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